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"There is a driving force more powerful than steam, electricity and atomic energy: the will.”                                                                                                           (Albert Einstein)

Our mission: MARBLE has been founded to help us joining our forces in preserving the unity of our families against a disease that must be accepted yet and at the same time be fought, including its consequences.

What does MARBLE do?The Hungarian Association of People with Retinoblastoma provides advocacy and support for its members, who are persons affected by the disease, their family members, health care professionals and anyone interested.

What is retinoblastoma?It is a type of eye cancer that usually develops in early childhood. It is often hereditary.
The most important goals of our Association:
1) Health promotion, disease prevention: promoting information exchange between professionals and affected persons helping early detection and effective treatment of the disease, facilitation of the entire rehabilitation process through consulting and other support activities;
2) Social activities: helping people with retinoblastoma and their families by providing information and mental health support;
3) Scientific activities: keeping contact with healthcare professionals dealing with the disease, gathering information from different sources, participation in medical, psychological, sociological and educational research on retinoblastoma;
4) International networking: in order to collect information, develop joint advocacy and to find the most appropriate health care service.

Further goals and related areas of activity:
  • Care & education: promoting the development of children's skills;
  • Cultural and sports activities: organizing events and participation in events of other organizations;
  • Protection of children and young people: protecting children's rights and interests if they are disadvantaged because of their status;
  • Equal opportunities: all activities through which social tolerance towards minorities can be strengthened and the integration of disadvantaged groups can be promoted;
  • Activities related to Hungarians beyond the borders: helping Hungarians affected by the disease living outside Hungary find proper health care service.

Ms. Zsófia Makádi: makadizsofi@gmail.com, phone: +36 30-363-9002,
Repárszky Ildikó: dupcsik@t-online.hu, phone: +36 20-979-4313.

Bank account number: CIB bank 10701520-66611831-51100005